Tolt can pay affiliates with PayPal.
Tolt can pay affiliates with Payoneer.
Tolt can pay affiliates with Wise.

Focus on your SaaS and let us take care of your payouts

Or export pending payouts and use PayPal Mass Payments & Wise Batch Payment to pay your affiliates. Crypto coming soon!
Tolt can pay affiliates with Ethereum.
Tolt can pay affiliates with USDC.
Tolt can pay affiliates with Bitcoin.

Export payouts and pay affiliates in bulk

PayPal and Wise
When you're ready to pay affiliates, usually after every 30 days, we generate a CSV that can be used to send payments via PayPal Mass Payouts or Wise Batch Payment, depending on what your affiliates selected.
Cancelation and refund protection
If a customer is refunded, Tolt automatically stops tracking payments for that customer and debits the commission from the appropriate affiliate. So, you do not over pay affiliates.

Grow your SaaS while we pay your affiliates.

Spend more time growing your SaaS by letting us take care of affiliate payouts.

Each month we send you an invoice combining all the pending payouts and you pay us via Bank, Card, Wise, PayPal.
Then, we pay all you affiliates with their preferred method, meaning you don't need to have a PayPal, Wise or Payoneer account!

Available on our Pro plan!
Tolt can pay affiliates with PayPal.Tolt can pay affiliates with Wise.Tolt can pay affiliates with Payoneer.

Learn about our other features!

An easy way to manage your affiliate program.

Invite, Track and Manage
Manage your affiliates with a point of a click. We made sure to keep our dashboard simple; you can edit, delete, and view affiliates and referrals within two clicks.
The stats that help your program grow
See how your affiliates are doing, compare them, and check their conversion rate, earnings, and more!
Take a look inside our dashboard

Cool&Branded portal for your affiliates.

Make affiliates feel like home
Your affiliates might also be your users, so Tolt ensures you can match your affiliate portal with your brand.
Use your own domain
We get it; there's no fun using other software's subdomains, so with Tolt, you can add your domain(i.e.,
A branded affiliate portal for affiliates

Get your program up and running within 15 minutes!

Easy and quick setup
Get up and running real quick with our Stripe and Paddle integrations.
Client and server side options
Tolt offers both client and server side integration options to ensure seamless compatibility with any type of app.

Grow your SaaS with an Affiliate Program!

Sign up and launch your program within 15 minutes! Start your trial and grow with Tolt.