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A 2023 LinkMink Alternative

Launch your Stripe affiliate program with a modern and better LinkMink alternative!

A few reasons why Tolt is a better alternative than LinkMink.


Next-gen vs old-gen

Comparing LinkMink and Tolt is like comparing PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 5.

LinkMink launched in 2018, and since then their website and platform is almost the same. While, Tolt tries to build innovative features that will help your affiliate program grow.

Don't lock yourself with an old school software!

Branded affiliate portal

Link Mink does not allow you to offer a branded affiliate portal, with your own logo and domain, to your affiliates. Instead, all your affiliates have to log in through šŸš©šŸš©šŸš©.
But with Tolt, you can completely brand our affiliate portal, with your logo and a custom domain, like!

Have affiliates feel like home with your own branding!

Paddle integration

LinkMink only works with Stripe, they do not offer an integration with Paddle šŸ˜”

Tolt works with both Stripe and Paddle, straight out of the box. With Tolt, launching your affiliate program takes less than 15 minutes!
Affiliate Stats
All the stats your affiliates need. Total clicks, revenue, leads and more!
More analytics are coming soon!
Passwordless Login
Passwords are so 2010. Your affiliates can login with just an email, we'll send a magic link so they don't have to remember passwords.
Assets Page
Upload your logo, or other graphics so your affiliates can easily access promo assets for your brand.

Learn more about Tolt!

An easy way to manage your affiliate program.

Invite, Track and Manage
Manage your affiliates with a point of a click. We made sure to keep our dashboard simple; you can edit, delete, and view affiliates and referrals within two clicks.
The stats that help your program grow
See how your affiliates are doing, compare them, and check their conversion rate, earnings, and more!
Take a look inside our dashboard

Cool&Branded portal for your affiliates.

Make affiliates feel like home
Your affiliates might also be your users, so Tolt ensures you can match your affiliate portal with your brand.
Use your own domain
We get it; there's no fun using other software's subdomains, so with Tolt, you can add your domain(i.e.,
A branded affiliate portal for affiliates

Get your program up and running within 15 minutes!

Easy and quick setup
Get up and running real quick with our Stripe and Paddle integrations.
Client and server side options
Tolt offers both client and server side integration options to ensure seamless compatibility with any type of app.

Fast and easy payouts for affiliates

PayPal and Wise bulk payouts
Easily export all pending payouts and use PayPal Mass Payments or Wise Batch Payment to pay your affiliates.
Or just let us pay you affiliates!
Enable auto payouts and don't worry about payments anymore! We'll pay your affiliates with PayPal, Wise or Payoneer! Crypto payouts are coming soon.
Affiliate Payments

We'll let the pricingĀ do the talking.

Unlimited Affiliates
Fully branded affiliate portal
PayPal and Wise Payouts for affiliates
Stripe and Paddle 15-minute integrations
Custom domain to full white-label your portal
X Circle
No Branded Affiliate Portal
X Circle
No Custom Domain
X Circle
No Wise Payouts
X Circle
Complicated portal for affiliates
*lacking features
for personal use
Notebook templates to organize every aspect
Closed Notebooks are available for 30 days
Advance reviews and review tracking system
As many collaborators as you need in your workspace
Join Our Team
for personal use
Notebook templates to organize every aspect
Closed Notebooks are available for 30 days
Advance reviews and review tracking system
As many collaborators as you need in your workspace
Join Our Team

Why we built the best LinkMink Alternative?

LinkMink works just fine. But, we believe that the market needs something better and more intuitive. We were looking for an alternative to LinkMink but all other options didn't feel right, so we just built the best you can find.

The reason we believe Tolt is the best alternative to LinkMink is because of our pricing, features and user experience. Simple as that.

Join us and let's grow together!
LinkMink Alternative

Frequently asked questions

Have other questions? Contact us!
Do you have a free trial?

Yes! We have a 14 days free trial, so you have enough time to see if affiliate marketing will work for your start up. Plus, we do not require a credit card for our trial.

Does Tolt works with Stripe?

Yes, at the moment you can only integrate Tolt if your SaaS/app is using either Stripe or Paddle. We're working on other integrations like Shopify, Bubble, and more!

How can IĀ pay my affiliates?

You can pay your affiliates with PayPal or Wise. Although if you have access to and use our Tolt Auto Payouts feature, then we offer more payout methods like Payoneer and Crypto.

What happens if a customer cancels or requests a refund?

As soon as Stripe or Paddle notifies us that one of your customers has canceled their subscription, we stop calculating commissions for the appropriate affiliate. And on issued refunds, we deduct the commission from the affiliate.

What's Tolt's refund policy?

We have a 30 days refund policy. So, if either affiliate marketing or Tolt is not the right fit for your SaaS, then you can request a full refund within 30 days, no questions asked.


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