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Affiliate marketing can boost revenue by 30%.
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"The UI is super simple! Tolt has made it incredibly easy for me to set up and manage my affiliate program. I highly recommend Tolt for any SaaS startup!"
Steven M.
Founder at Lore.

Just a few of our features that will help your Paddle SaaS grow.

15-minute integration
We made sure our Paddle integration is as easy as it can get. With Tolt you can launch your affiliate program within 15-minutes!
Branded Portal for your Affiliates
Change the look and feel of your affiliate portal to match your startup brand!
Fast and easy payouts for affiliates
Easily export all pending payouts and use PayPal Mass Payments or Wise Batch Payment to pay your affiliates.

Set up your Paddle Affiliate Program in 15 minutes!

Easy and quick setup
We made sure our Paddle integration is as easy as it can get. With Tolt you can launch your affiliate program within 15-minutes!
Client and server side options
With our client or server side options we made sure Tolt can be integrated with all types of apps.
Not using Paddle? Check our Stripe Affiliate Program Integration!

Why do you need an affiliate program?

Affiliate marketing is a great way to increase your revenue!
The main reason being is that it's so affordable with unlimited potential.
We're pretty sure a user asked if you have an affiliate program, so why not launch one with our Paddle integration? Perfect for affiliate and referral program!
Tolt x Paddle Affiliate Program

But,why choose  Tolt?

Yes, there are other affiliate software providers, but our goal is to be the best, and we're almost there!
Beautiful branded UI for your affiliates
0% commission
Feature rich pricing plans
Integrates with Stripe and Paddle
Integrates with Chargebee
Auto payouts with PayPal and Wise
Especially built for SaaS startups
Our Competitors
Generic and non-branded affiliate portal
From 9% commission
Lacking Paddle integration
Lacking Chargebee integration
Manual payments
Not built for SaaS and indie hackers
Person going through a box, emphasising Tolt's features.

Just some more features that make us better than the competition

Easy to use icon
Easy to use
Our intuitive dashboard is specifically made to lower the time you spend managing your affiliate program.
Chart icon showcasing percentage
Percentage or fixed commission
Offer your affiliates a percentage of your SaaS plans, or a fixed commission for every paid sign up.
Chat icon showcasing messaging and email.
Synced with Paddle
2-way sync with Paddle, so we immediately know when a customer subscribes, cancels or is refunded, and update the affiliate accordingly.
Manually approve affiliates
Approve all affiliates automatically or have affiliates apply for access.
A public or a private affiliate program.
Settings icon
Custom email notifications
Edit and brand email notifications for your affiliates. Including payout email, new referral and more.
Cross subdomain tracking
It doesn't matter if your app is hosted on a subdomain like,, Tolt will track your root and subdomain just fine.

Learn more about Tolt!

An easy way to manage your affiliate program.

Invite, Track and Manage
Manage your affiliates with a point of a click. We made sure to keep our dashboard simple; you can edit, delete, and view affiliates and referrals within two clicks.
The stats that help your program grow
See how your affiliates are doing, compare them, and check their conversion rate, earnings, and more!
Take a look inside our dashboard

Cool&Branded portal for your affiliates.

Make affiliates feel like home
Your affiliates might also be your users, so Tolt ensures you can match your affiliate portal with your brand.
Use your own domain
We get it; there's no fun using other software's subdomains, so with Tolt, you can add your domain(i.e.,
A branded affiliate portal for affiliates

Get your program up and running within 15 minutes!

Easy and quick setup
Get up and running real quick with our Stripe and Paddle integrations.
Client and server side options
Tolt offers both client and server side integration options to ensure seamless compatibility with any type of app.

Fast and easy payouts for affiliates

PayPal and Wise bulk payouts
Easily export all pending payouts and use PayPal Mass Payments or Wise Batch Payment to pay your affiliates.
Or just let us pay you affiliates!
Enable auto payouts and don't worry about payments anymore! We'll pay your affiliates with PayPal, Wise or Payoneer! Crypto payouts are coming soon.
Affiliate Payments

Frequently asked questions

Have other questions? Contact us!
Is Tolt really free?

Yes! We have a 14 days free trial, so you have enough time to see if affiliate marketing will work for your start up. Plus, we do not require a credit card for our trial.

Does Tolt works with Paddle?

Yes, at the moment you can only integrate Tolt if your SaaS/app is using either Stripe or Paddle. We're working on other integrations like Shopify, Bubble, and more!

How can I pay my affiliates?

You can pay your affiliates with PayPal or Wise. Although if you have access to and use our Tolt Auto Payouts feature, then we offer more payout methods like Payoneer and Crypto.

What happens if a customer cancels or requests a refund?

As soon as Stripe or Paddle notifies us that one of your customers has canceled their subscription, we stop calculating commissions for the appropriate affiliate. And on issued refunds, we deduct the commission from the affiliate.

What's Tolt's refund policy?

We have a 30 days refund policy. So, if either affiliate marketing or Tolt is not the right fit for your SaaS, then you can request a full refund within 30 days, no questions asked.


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