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Let's take a look inside Tolt

Take a look inside our intuitive affiliate marketing software dashboard.
Our dashboard makes it easy for startups to run their affiliate program.

Everything inside an intuitive and easy to use dashboard



We made sure not to over-complicate our dashboard; you can edit, delete, and view affiliates and referrals in two clicks.

Everything you need

See how much extra revenue your affiliate program is generating. Compare affiliates, check their conversion rate, earnings and more!

Fast payouts

When it's time to pay your affiliates, you can easily export all pending payouts and use PayPal or Wise to fulfill them. Or let us do it!

Email notifications

Send personalized emails within your dashboard to affiliates and engage them with your SaaS.

Learn about our other features!

Cool&Branded portal for your affiliates.

Make affiliates feel like home
Your affiliates might also be your users, so Tolt ensures you can match your affiliate portal with your brand.
Use your own domain
We get it; there's no fun using other software's subdomains, so with Tolt, you can add your domain (i.e., affiliates.yourdomain.com).
A branded affiliate portal for affiliates

Get your program up and running within 15 minutes!

Easy and quick setup
Get up and running real quick with our Stripe and Paddle integrations.
Client and server side options
Tolt offers both client and server side integration options to ensure seamless compatibility with any type of app.

Fast and easy payouts for affiliates

PayPal and Wise bulk payouts
Easily export all pending payouts and use PayPal Mass Payments or Wise Batch Payment to pay your affiliates.
Or just let us pay you affiliates!
Enable auto payouts and don't worry about payments anymore! We'll pay your affiliates with PayPal, Wise or Payoneer! Crypto payouts are coming soon.
Affiliate Payments

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