Which attributes describe a good landing page experience with examples

Daniel Gjokaj
CEO at Tolt

Scenario: You're about to launch your product, but don't know how to build the perfect landing page for it. You're one of us!
I get it, there are a few attributes and notes that you need to think about.

Having a great landing page experience will go a long way. So let's see which attributes describe a good landing page experience.
So, in this post, we'll go through all attributes that describe a good landing page experience.  

Let's start with the importance of a good landing page experience.

The first thing your potential customers will see is the landing page. So no doubt, it is as important as the product itself. If your landing page experience is not optimized, then you can not expect a high conversion rate.

When working on your landing page, act as if you are the potential customer. If your landing page, cannot convert you, it'll definitely not convert users that do not understand your product.

A poor landing page experience has a big impact on your conversion rate as well. But I'll help you overcome that, based on my experience with Tolt.  

Key attributes of a good landing page experience and best practices

Capture potential customers' attention immediately.

The first thing your landing page visitors sees is the hero section. This is the most important attribute of a good landing page experience. The reason is that in a fast-moving world, potential customers don't have the time to scroll around to figure out your product.

There are a few elements you need for a perfect hero section.

  1. A header about what your product is solving, try to catch the customers' attention here.
  2. A subheader that is a bit longer and explains your product deeper.
  3. A simple CTA to your sign-up page.
  4. Social proof.  If you already have user reviews, make sure to include some stars or G2/Capterra links here.
  5. And lastly, an image or video showcasing your product.

Here's an example of a good hero section:

A main section describing your product features.

This is the place where you pick your best features and proudly showcase them.Each feature should have an image or video and a description that will help your potential customers understand the product.


A section that describes the problem you're solving.

Your potential customers probably already face the problem you're solving. So, in this section, I would. remind them of the problem and how my product is going to solve it.


A social proof section. A nicely designed social proof attribute will definitely describe a good landing page experience.

In this section, you can showcase your customer's reviews or even better case studies. This section tells your potential customers, how credible you are.


Almost there! A section where you can showcase your blog.

This is pretty self-explanatory. A blog section will prove to your customers that you're active and still care about your product. Make sure the blogs you write, actually have customers!


Last but not least, to complete and have a good landing page experience you need a CTA section.

Now is the time to convert your potential customers into actual customers. Design a simple and bigger CTA section with a catchphrase that will catch visitors' attention.


That's it! Now you know all the attributes that describe a good landing page experience!  

To summarize everything:

  • Clearly identify the target audience for your product in your marketing materials. This will attract the right customers and deter those who would not be interested in purchasing.
  • If you are not seeing a high conversion rate for demo requests, try offering a free trial option as an additional call-to-action.
  • The aesthetic style of an image is not as important as its ability to effectively communicate the value of your product to users.
  • When marketing a product that addresses a specific pain point, it is important to connect with the emotions of your audience and clearly communicate how your product can solve their problems.
  • To increase credibility and relevance, include testimonials from individuals in the same profession as your target audience and be sure to mention their company and job title.
  • If users are not engaging with tabbed widgets on your website, consider experimenting with different forms of navigation.
  • If security and trust are major concerns for your product, it is important to address these objections thoroughly in your marketing materials.

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