Top 2 Open Source Affiliate Marketing Software

Daniel Gjokaj
CEO at Tolt

Looking for an open source affiliate and referral tracking software? Well, lucky you, we reviewed the best 2 open source affiliate marketing software!

In this post, we'll be discussing the top 2 open source affiliate and referral marketing software solutions that can boost your marketing efforts, without breaking the bank. Yep, we couldn't any find more options that actually are worth reviewing!

Let's dive into the world of open source affiliate marketing software and explore the best options available for you!


Raider seamlessly integrates into your current system, offering a customizable dashboard with templates and styles to match your desired look and feel. Designed as a self-service affiliate management platform, it empowers affiliate users to oversee their accounts, generate tracking URLs, check account balances, and request payouts with ease.



Reflio is maintained by an indie hacker named Richie and is a reliable and affiliate marketing software that aims to simplify the process of creating and managing your affiliate program. It offers an intuitive platform for indie hackers to build and scale their affiliate program.


So, that's pretty much it! We wanted to make this short and clear.

Reflio works best if you just want a quick solution, with less customizations while Raider, is more complicated to set up because it allows you to fully customize the affiliate program to match your software.

Open Source works, but the best paid solution is definitely Tolt!
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